Obtaining Street Name Changes in One Step
Stephen P. Morse, PhD   Joel D. Weintraub, PhD   David R. Kehs, PhD

Cities grow and change over time. Part of that process may involve changing the street names. The further back in time one goes, the greater the chance that the street has been renamed or the houses renumbered.

For some cities there are websites that show street name changes. For others we have generated our own tables that show the changes. Of course all such tables and websites should be considered as incomplete or representing only a narrow period in time. If you have access to additional source material that shows street-name changes, and want to help us augment our existing tables or generate new ones, please contact us.

Below are the cities for which we have either generated our own name-change tables or found websites that show the name changes.

Stephen P. Morse, Joel D. Weintraub, David R. Kehs, 2004